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  • A Secret Of The Sphinx

    Spring of 1798: Young Rory MacHugh leaves his Blackfoot World for an Ancient World. There determination, versatility, and several unique friends enable him to survive many new lives -- a British sailor, an Egyptian Mameluke, a convict, a Secret Agent, a French Grenadier, a Highland soldier, and a forbidden lover in an Egyptian court. But the most devastating is his first encounter with the man destined plunge the world into war and to become Rory’s own personal demon, the young General Napoleon Bonaparte

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  • The Assassins

    Rory returns to Paris in 1803 as bodyguard for the mysterious Count Méhée de la Touche, There Rory’s affair with the glamorous Duchess of Abrantès lands him in the notorious mountaintop prison, the fortress of Bitche. After a unique escape Rory becomes embroiled in several assassination attempts aimed at his very personal enemy, the Emperor Napoleon.

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