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  • Black War-Bonnet

    In this, the earliest known volume of The MacHugh Memoirs, the traumatized thirteen-year-old Rory MacHugh is taken captive by a band of Blackfoot. His tragic and strange life becomes even stranger as he matures into a Blackfoot Warrior — until the day he solves the tragic mystery that forces him to return to the whiteman’s world to seek vengeance.

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  • The Fugitives

    Lieutenant Rory MacHugh, the British Army’s only Blackfoot Highlander, is about to depart the fortress of Almeida when one of the greatest man-made disasters in history turns him into a fugitive. Fate brings MacHugh together with a small band of fugitives, each with his own secret. Joined by a bewitching and mysterious Spanish widow, their perils increase until only three remain to take a vital role in the epic Battle of Bussaco.

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